Making Some Superheroes (Conculsion)

Hey, remember these guys?

After tinkering with them for almost an entire year (!), these two crimefighters are finished. They might evoke a certain duo known for their dynamism, but are actually an entirely different solemn guardian of the night and his boy sidekick.

(Did I say boy sidekick? We sure about that? Hmm…)

These characters are from an upcoming novel. I translated the writer’s descriptions of the characters, filling in details here and there to present what I hope are modern takes on classical superhero designs. I was looking at the work of comic book artists Cully Hamner, Chris Sprouse, and Stuart Immonen, with an eye toward the costume design work of Adi Granov and Bob Ringwood.

Rooftop Heroes

Street Angel

Another one from the vault:

Orphan of the streets and skateboarding daughter of justice, Jesse Sanchez fights a never ending battle against the forces of evil, nepotism, ninjas, and hunger as Street Angel!

I was a huge fan of Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s STREET ANGEL comic (, and  wrote Jim and asked if he’d design a Jesse Sanchez sculpture for me.  I was extrememly grateful that he not only provided me with some amazing sketches,  and this piece was featured in the tribute art gallery of the  STREET ANGEL collected edition.

In each issue’s frontispiece Street Angel fought a squid in increasingly unlikely confrontations (underwater hand-to-hand, wrestling, chess, etc.). This piece continues that theme where she’s downing a 40 of SQUID JUICE, the label of which Jim Rugg also designed.

And some wonderful people actually made a STREET ANGEL movie:


Welcome, True Believer (and curious skeptics, as well)!

Starting tomorrow and throughout May,  I’ll be presenting thirty new mini-busts representing my favorite characters from Marvel Comics. They’ll be ranked from least to best-loved, according to me.

My choices may not be everyone’s choices, and the ranking may not resemble anyone else’s. But spirited debates over which characters are your favorites is a ongoing pastime for superhero comic fans , and I invite these debates in the comments section. Will your favorite be on my list?

The inspiration for this series of sculptural sketches comes from Ilias Kyriazis’s  amazing Marvel and DC favorite character banners. May seemed like a good month because it coincides with my birthday. And apparently Marvel is releasing a movie about some of their characters?

Please join me tomorrow when we begin MIGHTY MARVEL MAY!

Dark Knight Animated-Style Maquette

I’m posting an older piece until some of the (exciting!) new work is ready to display.

Frank Miller’s version of Batman by way of animator Bruce Timm. Created as a companion piece to the Warner Bros. Studio Store Batman: The Animated Series maquette, this version of the character appeared on the episode Legends of the Dark Knight. Turnaround designs were in Paul Dini and Chip Kidd’s great book Batman Animated.

More (newer!) work will be posted very soon.

Making Some Superheroes

After Christmas and after (mostly) getting over a cold, I got a chance to start work on two new sculptures.

This represents about a day’s work.  Clearly, there’s not much here yet beside the roughed-in shapes and a peek at the armature.

I like to see works-in-progress. I find process very interesting, but I’d like to hear from anyone reading this post. What do you want to see? Works-in-progress or only finished pieces? Please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!



Batman Vs. Velociraptor

I’m enough of a paleontology nut that I must admit that this is more like a deinonycus than a velociraptor, but velociraptors were actually fairly small, coyote-sized animals. I also cheated the anatomy here and there, and omitted the feathers these animals likely had. In my defense, it’s Batman fighting a dinosaur.

You may notice the dino has drawn first blood. I like the think that’s the last strike it got in before extinction.

Photos by Tony Martins.

SKYJACK Sculpture

I’d wanted to try turning the amazingly talent Sergio Calvet’s idiosyncratic drawing style into three dimension and finally got the chance with his character SKYJACK. This piece is based on Sergio’s own design.

Sergio sent me this nice picture of the piece sitting next to some of the comics that inspired it!