Exponential Difference


I’m taking a break from sculpting this week to act as Visual Notetaker at Singularity University in California. It’s been an amazing experience listening to, learning from, and drawing some of the best thinkers on the planet.


(I don’t think the back of my head is as pointy as it appears above.)



DSC02997My 3D rendition of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Captain America. This is based on Kirby’s cover for CAPTAIN AMERICA’S BICENTENNIAL BATTLES

DSC02989DSC02999 DSC02993

(He gets a little John Buscema-esque when viewed from the side.)


DSC02991DSC02990DSC02996This piece is dedicated to my late friend James, Cap’s biggest fan.

Apparently there a new Captain America movie out. I don’t know how it could top Albert Pyun’s masterpiece.

(I’m really looking forward to it! If you enjoyed it, consider making a donation to The Hero Initiative in Jack Kirby or Joe Simon’s name. )