Making Some Superheroes

After Christmas and after (mostly) getting over a cold, I got a chance to start work on two new sculptures.

This represents about a day’s work.  Clearly, there’s not much here yet beside the roughed-in shapes and a peek at the armature.

I like to see works-in-progress. I find process very interesting, but I’d like to hear from anyone reading this post. What do you want to see? Works-in-progress or only finished pieces? Please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!




Richard Stark’s PARKER Work-in-Progress

This Summer I taught a sculpture class, during which I did a rough one-off sculpture (as opposed to something I cast and duplicate) of Darwyn Cooke’s version of Richard Stark’s character Parker.  My talented and prolific (seriously Erica, you’re making everyone else look bad) friend Erica Henderson is going to paint it.  Here are the “before” pics: