Batman Vs. Velociraptor

I’m enough of a paleontology nut that I must admit that this is more like a deinonycus than a velociraptor, but velociraptors were actually fairly small, coyote-sized animals. I also cheated the anatomy here and there, and omitted the feathers these animals likely had. In my defense, it’s Batman fighting a dinosaur.

You may notice the dino has drawn first blood. I like the think that’s the last strike it got in before extinction.

Photos by Tony Martins.


SKYJACK Sculpture

I’d wanted to try turning the amazingly talent Sergio Calvet’s idiosyncratic drawing style into three dimension and finally got the chance with his character SKYJACK. This piece is based on Sergio’s own design.

Sergio sent me this nice picture of the piece sitting next to some of the comics that inspired it!