DRAGON-MAN Digital Sculpture

Digital sculpture of my childhood superhero, Dragon-Man, sculpted with Nomad Sculpt for the iPad Pro.

I used to make this guy out of plasticine, now I’m making him out of ones and zeroes.




‘Tis the season to be scary! Here’s Solomon Hitch,  the hero with the power of the horror movie (he always comes back!), star of Drew Edwards’ amazing HALLOWEEN MAN comic. This piece was designed for me by original artist Terry Parr (http://darthterry.deviantart.com/).

I worked on some HALLOWEEN MAN stories – mostly coloring and lettering- with such talented artists as Nicola (WONDER WOMAN, SECRET SIX, EARTH 2) Scott, David (BLUE BEETLE, YOUNG ALLIES) Baldeon, Sergio (SKYJACK, SAMURAI & DINOSAURS) Calvet , and many more under the guidance of the irrepressible Russell Hillman.

HMbust06 HMbust07 HMbust09

Making Some Superheroes (Conculsion)

Hey, remember these guys?

After tinkering with them for almost an entire year (!), these two crimefighters are finished. They might evoke a certain duo known for their dynamism, but are actually an entirely different solemn guardian of the night and his boy sidekick.

(Did I say boy sidekick? We sure about that? Hmm…)

These characters are from an upcoming novel. I translated the writer’s descriptions of the characters, filling in details here and there to present what I hope are modern takes on classical superhero designs. I was looking at the work of comic book artists Cully Hamner, Chris Sprouse, and Stuart Immonen, with an eye toward the costume design work of Adi Granov and Bob Ringwood.

Rooftop Heroes

Gussy and a Cat

Gussy hates your housepets.

Gussy, the Big Jerk of a Little Bear, began as a recurring character in a comic book I drew. He was the insufferable ex-boyfriend of another character, forever hanging around and moping.

Eventually Gussy’s aggressive pessimism grew on me, plus he was fun to write, draw, and sculpt. He became kind of my mascot, adorning numerous website avatars, my signature, and even this site.


SKYJACK Sculpture

I’d wanted to try turning the amazingly talent Sergio Calvet’s idiosyncratic drawing style into three dimension and finally got the chance with his character SKYJACK. This piece is based on Sergio’s own design.

Sergio sent me this nice picture of the piece sitting next to some of the comics that inspired it!