Welcome, True Believer (and curious skeptics, as well)!

Starting tomorrow and throughout May,  I’ll be presenting thirty new mini-busts representing my favorite characters from Marvel Comics. They’ll be ranked from least to best-loved, according to me.

My choices may not be everyone’s choices, and the ranking may not resemble anyone else’s. But spirited debates over which characters are your favorites is a ongoing pastime for superhero comic fans , and I invite these debates in the comments section. Will your favorite be on my list?

The inspiration for this series of sculptural sketches comes from Ilias Kyriazis’s  amazing Marvel and DC favorite character banners. May seemed like a good month because it coincides with my birthday. And apparently Marvel is releasing a movie about some of their characters?

Please join me tomorrow when we begin MIGHTY MARVEL MAY!


7 thoughts on “MIGHTY MARVEL MAY!

  1. I’m afraid I have no plans to sell any of them. But you haven’t even seen ’em yet! Wait ’til some of them are on display before making your (really quite flattering) offers!

    • Thanks, Steve! I hope you like them. I’m going to be trying for a mix of traditional and newfangled styles here.

      I’m relatively certain you’re going to hate my depiction of one of your favorites, though…

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