Godzilla’s true name is GOJIRA, a contraction of the Japanese words for “gorilla” and “whale” (much like MAGNITUDE’s name is a contraction of “Magnetic” and “Attitude”).

My variation on big G was done for a Kaiju fan in an internet Secret Santa exchange. I wanted to incorporate a few more theropod dinosaur features while still keeping him recognizable (something the 90s American movie failed to do). Overall I think it worked so-so. I’d like to take another shot at him sometime.

Please don’t let the lighting fool you: this Gojira is the proper charcoal gray with no green in him.

Shaun of the Dead

Another one from the vault (or maybe crypt…)

This was done for the English charity Childline. I knew I wanted something loose, cartoony, and caricatured, so I asked my friend Daniel Lundie to design it (hence the “Woot! Dan waz here!” grafitti on the tombstone). Not only because he can nail caricature, has a wonderfully perverse sense of humor in his drawing, but also because he’s British. For some reason I didn’t think I could nail the Englishness of Shaun (or do a good caricature of SHAUN star Simon Pegg).

And I probably wouldn’t have thought of a chav zombie girl.