Godzilla’s true name is GOJIRA, a contraction of the Japanese words for “gorilla” and “whale” (much like MAGNITUDE’s name is a contraction of “Magnetic” and “Attitude”).

My variation on big G was done for a Kaiju fan in an internet Secret Santa exchange. I wanted to incorporate a few more theropod dinosaur features while still keeping him recognizable (something the 90s American movie failed to do). Overall I think it worked so-so. I’d like to take another shot at him sometime.

Please don’t let the lighting fool you: this Gojira is the proper charcoal gray with no green in him.


3 thoughts on “GOJIRA! (a.k.a. GODZILLA!)

    • Thanks, Doug.

      Yeah, I’m by no means satisfied with my own design here. All of your notes are spot-on; in the case of the tail, I think I was trying to keep it from overlapping the base too much. I see a lot of things I’d want to improve if I were to try it again.

      Doug is the creator of numerous cut-paper comics, many of which are collected in MONARCH MONKEY AND OTHER STORIES: http://dougderocherart.blogspot.com/

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