Work-in-Progress, Working Process

More from the ongoing project with Sean Downey:



First we shot some photo reference,  then we drew our creature here onto tracing paper, then pasted that onto some foamcore. Then Sean cut some hardie board into the general shape and we sculpted over it using Sculpey over a paperclay base.


Because we’re building pieces to be photographed and only seen from one angle, we’re working in relief


Which leads to one weird-looking sculpture when viewed from the side.



UPDATE 12-22-13:



Faces, Casting

I just made some brush-on silicone molds with Smooth-On Rebound 25 for four of the faces I’ve been sculpting.

Ordinarily I’d cast these pieces in some kind of plastic resin. The problem is I wanted to make several of these, and the resin heats up when curing, which can warp the silicone mold. Plaster, another cheap alternative, does the same thing.  Eventually I settled on Creative Paperclay, which air-dries. It worked really well! The innermost parts of the mold, noses, brows, chins, were still wet when I pulled them out of the mold, but they held the shape and just needed to be exposed to air to dry.


I’m pretty pleased with the results. Now to paint ’em.