This month I decided to finally try and teach myself digital sculpting. There are a lot of things I think I could be doing, like sculpting at a smaller scale, or making props that would be more difficult to accomplish traditionally. I was curious about Zbrush (expensive, but a free trial is available), Blender (free!), and NomadSculpt, which I’d already loaded onto my iPad. After asking Twitter, I decided I was going to try Blender and got through about three Youtube tutorials before I recognized some of the controls as being similar to NomadSculpt. Between the ease of use and the sensitivity of the Apple Pencil, I just gravitated toward NomadSculpt.

Someone once told me a traditional sculptor learning digital sculpting is like a pianist learning the saxophone: same notes, different instrument. I’ve been at three weeks now and I have been having a blast. Here are some of the things I’ve worked on. Expect to see more soon.


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