I’ll be at BOSTON COMIC CON, FRIDAY – SUNDAY, AUGUST 12th-14th, 2016 and I’m taking commissions and producing mini-busts and reliefs right there at the con. Mini-busts are approximately 1/6th scale (about 3″ in height), made of durable gray polymer clay and epoxy, and mounted on their own wooden base. You pick the character and I’ll make them, and you can take it home with you bubble-wrapped and gift-bagged.

 DSCN2190Captain MarvelNimue



Mini-busts are $100 each at the con, BUT if you pre-order they’re only $90!


I’ll also be offering sculpted reliefs. Reliefs will come mounted on ready-to-hang wooden plaques, and will approximately the same size and height as the mini-busts.

Skeksis Storm Fin Fang Foom

Powdered Toast Man


YODA RELIEF 02 Reliefs look like this when viewed from the side.
















Relief sculptures are $90 at the con, but preorder and they’re only $80

I’ll also have pre-painted, finished mini-busts available for $100 each ($90 if you preorder).

Some of the designs can be seen here:

Black Panther Squirrel Girl Winter Soldier Daredevil Captain Marvel


Contact me here, on tumblr tweet me @jfsculpts, or email me at jfsculptsemail01@gmail (dot) com. Commission slots are limited, so order right away!

The fine print: some characters are too complex or detailed to render in a timely fashion at a convention. Because of this, I ask that you don’t request characters with complicated costumes (such as Galactus), mechanical parts, or specific likenesses. Thank you for your understanding.

At this time, I am only accepting cash at the convention. Please let me know which days you’ll be attending so your piece will be ready for you on that day.



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