I’m working on an ongoing project with Sean Downey, and here is some of the what we’re working on.

Sean posed for reference photos, which I digitally painted over (those are really his clothes, though. He’s a fashion plate).

Quick and dirty, but it gets the idea across.

Sean built a couch and we put a sculpted figure on it. We built a room and put in a test window, and took test snapshots with a digital camera.

Still more work to do, but I’m encouraged by the test shots.

Just don’t look below his knees.


2 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress

  1. He’s not wearing pants! But seriously, this looks awesome. What kind of material did you use for the figure? It looks different from the Joker below.

    • Hey, I think I know that YRG guy!

      Good eye regarding different materials: although they’re both made from different kinds of polymer clay (Super Sculpey, Sculpey Firm, and various mixed colors of Sculpey III, all variants of the same material), the Joker is painted with opaque paints. In the W-I-P piece, the exposed skin of the figure is modeled in a mixture of flesh-toned and translucent polymer clays. This gave it a slightly more skinlike look as it interacts with the light. I then added translucent color washes, mostly pinks and reds, to give his cheeks, ears, nose, and even knuckles a little color. I also added a few fine veins in blue pencil and a little bit of brown stubble.

      And he is actually wearing pants, but his legs turns to aluminum wire and tinfoil below the knee. Shameful.

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