The Star-spangled Avenger.

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby introduced Cap in his own CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS in 1941, the cover of which famously depicts Cap socking Hitler in the jaw. This was before the US was actually in the war, mind you. The result of an unreproducible science-fiction procedure, 4-F Steve Rogers, a stout-hearted weakling from Brooklyn, was transformed into the pinnacle of physical perfection, Captain America. Outfitted with an unbreakable shield, Cap fought his way though WW2. When the war ended and interest in superhero comics waned, Cap was suspended in the arctic ice, thawed by the superheroic Avengers to fight for justice again.

Captain America #1

Captain America was also the favorite superhero of my friend James, who died almost a year ago. Like the Captain himself,  James was often disillusioned by it by his country, but continued to believe in it. This piece is dedicated to James. RIP, buddy.

Hope you’ll make the circuit back here tomorrow for the next superstar of MIGHTY MARVEL MAY.