Galactus, the devourer of worlds! Born before the universe began, created in the Big Bang, Galactus is an unstoppable force of cosmic balance, roaming the stars consuming the life-force of entire planets, leaving them burnt-out husks.

First appearing in THE FANTASTIC FOUR #48 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, Galactus brought cosmic to superhero comics. He could only be defeated through the deus ex machina of the “Ultimate Nullifier,” a weapon that guaranteed mutally-assured destruction.

Galactus is generally portrayed as aloof and remorseless, often comparing humanity to insects. Although in stature and seemingly humanoid, later stories indicated that he merely appeared humanoid to us and differently to other intelligent species. This accounted for the subtle differences in interpretation by artists interpreting Jack Kirby’s intricate and idiosyncratic design.

My version here borrows from Kirby’s design, but is also strongly influenced by the late artist Moebius, who once drew Galactus in the wonderful SILVER SURFER: PARABLE.

This is the second time I’ve depicted Galactus. The first was several years ago when I drew a comic outlining what would have happened if Stan Lee hadn’t team with Jack Kirby, but instead with religious tract artist Jack Chick. It was written by my friend Ed Conley, creator of the webcomic ED CONTRADICTORY.

Aw, Shit!

Read the entire comic here: Galactus is Coming!

Come back tomorrow for another too-strong edition of MIGHTY MARVEL MAY!


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